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DROPPS intends to be a suite of NFT related services for the LUKSO blockchain, with acquisition and trade at its core.

As a high end digital ecosystem, we want to keep the spectrum of assets on our marketplace relevant and verified, making sure users, brands and creators alike choose DROPPS because it is a trustworthy and safe space that sits on top of new trends in the NFT scene.

The dropps

Schirin Negahbani Schirin Negahbani
Dropps NFT

HexJerzo (Gen0)

Top bid 8.35 ETH
Last 9.1 ETH
Joanna Hir Joanna Hir


Top bid 3.5 ETH
Last 4.5 ETH

Digital Addiction Number Three

Top bid 4.5 ETH
Last 3.7 ETH


  • 01

    Collaborations / drops

    Exclusive NFT releases/dropps in collaboration with brands and artists.

  • 02

    Community-led curation

    Users will be incentivised to engage in curation events alongside a tiered ranking system, ultimately leading to a group of community-recognised curators who will help maintain and improve the DROPPS marketplace ecosystem.

  • 03

    Non-collateralized lending

    The possibility of segmenting ownership of an NFT into more granular access rights opens a world of value. Current lending/collateralisation models are impractical and prone to high volatility due to a digital asset's iliquid nature.

    LUKSO's standards will be key in kickstarting a new era of non-collateralised lending, promoting future applications for NFT collections, be it gaming, social media, lifestyle, fashion, etc.

  • 04

    Cross-chain conversion

    We will provide the necessary extensions to bridge protocols, ensuring all NFTs supported in our platform will have an operational bridge allowing their transfer to other chains.

    The same with the reverse operation: to allow wrapped assets with native representations on other chains to be included in DROPPS.

  • 05

    Proof of identity

    An objective and transparent process for verifying brands and content creators.

  • 06

    Ownership book

    An intuitive NFT explorer built for ease of use, as provenance authentication is essential when it comes to high-end digital assets.

    For seasoned users and newcomers alike.

  • 07

    Creator portal

    Through our Creator Portal verified brands and creators will turn their digital pieces into NFTs with specific pre-defined attributes.

  • 08

    Community portal

    Community governance as to further guide our platform’s development, with the ultimate goal of establishing and growing the DROPPS footprint within the NFT ecosystem. Community voting includes platform upgrades, new features, suggestions, etc.

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Lukso Icon

A domain specific blockchain, tailored for the interactions of the creative economy. Focused on providing the tools to make virtualisation and digital transition faster and more user friendly.

We believe LUKSO, a public, permissionless blockchain, driven with a focus on the creative industries, combines the right blend of technology, community and timing.


01 / 05
Phase 1
  • European entity
  • NFT ecosystem research
  • LUKSO blockchain analysis
  • Platform conceptualisation
Phase 2
  • Litepaper release
  • Platform development
  • Private fundraising
  • Brand & artist engagement
Phase 3
  • Marketplace launch
  • First brand collaboration / "dropp"
  • Ownership book
Phase 4
  • Collection listings

  • Community portal

  • Community curation

  • Creator portal

Phase 5
  • Continued Dropps
  • Non-collateralised NFT lending
  • Cross-chain conversion
  • Future development
01 / 05